General Policies

Revised – October 2022
A general set of SFVPS League policies for all teams and sports.


A school is required to meet with League Commissioners, a Head of School, or a direct supervisor, to discuss the mission, philosophy, and rules of the League. 


Any school that has to drop out of a division after the season has begun will submit in writing on the website the reason, to be reviewed by League Commissioners. Depending on the reason, probation status may be applied on a case-to-case basis. If a school wishes to gain readmission and the first game has already been played, they will have to be readmitted to the league by a vote of all league/division schools. They will vote to do one of the following: 

  1. Readmit the school with normal status 
  2. Readmit the school as a new school, not eligible for playoffs. 
  3. Not to readmit 


Any school that forfeits two or more games during a single season will become ineligible for postseason in all‐elementary and middle school divisions

What is considered a forfeit?

  1. If a team arrives more than 20 minutes late to a contest
  2. If a team leaves the contest before it concludes
  3. If a head coach is ejected
  4. Any infraction of policy regarding illegal players, players in the wrong division, will result in that team forfeiting all games played.
    1. School immediately ineligible for playoffs in all divisions
  5. If a team fails to show up for a scheduled game
    1. Forfeiting team is responsible for 100% of the officials’ fees and transportation cost


  1. What is considered a practice game?
    1. Any game that is played and does not count in standings is a practice game.
    2. If a team forfeits, the game can continue as a practice game, with the win going to the team that did not forfeit the game.
    3. If a team is short players for a game and an additional player is acquired, no matter the outcome it is considered a practice game, and the win goes to the opposing team. 
    4. If a team is short of players and additional players are needed it becomes a practice game.
    5. A player may be moved in order to field a team and may then return to their original team, provided the coach notifies the opposing coach before the game begins and that game is considered a practice game.

Repeated violations of league policies and philosophies may result in a school either being placed on probation or being dismissed from the league. Both these actions will require a majority vote of the Athletic Directors. 


Uniforms must be consistent among all team members. Jerseys, shorts, or pants must be the same color and should be numbered. Duplicate numbers are not permitted. Soccer socks, shin, and mouth guards are required in the respective season. This is a safety requirement per league expectations. A player out of uniform may not play.



We are a participation developmental‐oriented league. We strongly suggest that teams are created for maximum playing time and that all student-athletes receive approximately the same amount of playing time each game.

  1. Players may play in their own division or a higher division only. A player may play in only ONE division during a season. A player may be moved in order to field a team and may then return to their original team, provided the coach notifies the opposing coach before the game begins and that game is considered a practice game. During playoffs, players may NEVER move to another team unless there is a written declaration to be approved by the league.
  2.  If a school field’s more than one team in a division, the players can not be interchanged during a season. If a team is short of players and additional players are needed it becomes a practice game.
  3. Our league is comprised of both coed and gender-specific sports. Coed sports are gender inclusive. 
  1. Currently, we have two divisions of gender-specific sports, a girls division and a boys division. To participate in gender specific sports, athletes must identify as either boy or girl and play on a team consistent to that gender identity.
  1. A transgender athlete must declare the gender they identify for the year of competition.
  1. Eligibility in the league aligns with the following criteria:
    1. Players will not turn 13 before Jan. 1 of their 6th grade year. 
    2. Players in the junior high league will not turn 15 before Jan. 1 of their 8th grade year. 
    3. No athlete may play two years as a 6th grader or as an 8th grader without league approval. 
  2. Players may NOT wear any of the following:
    1. Hard casts or splints of any material. 
    2. Knee braces made of hard unyielding material, unless hinges are covered on all sides, and all of its edges are overlapped. 
  3. Jewelry of any kind, except medical medals, which shall be covered with tape.
  4. Any hair control device made of hard material.  


A.D.s are responsible for submitting teams to the league commissioners before the start of each seasonal A.D. Meeting. All team additions or other changes will take place at the A.D. Meeting. Teams submitted after the A.D. Meeting will NOT be accepted. You may still contact other schools for potential games, however, your games will count as practice games. 


  1. At the beginning of each season, a coaches’ meeting will be held to review rules, team placement, and schedule games. 
  2. When scheduling games try to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of both schools. Locations should alternate sport‐to‐sport and year‐to‐year. 
  3. Games canceled due to weather must be rescheduled within three school days. 
  4. Any games NOT played and any score NOT reported by the last day of league play will be recorded as a loss for both teams.
    1. A team must play all required league games to be eligible for playoffs. 
  5. Every school must submit all team scores for all prior athletic contests by end of the day each Friday.
    1. Failure to do so may result in loss of standing.


  1. If a team fails to show up for a scheduled game it will be considered a forfeit and that team is responsible for 100% of the officials’ fees, and transportation costs. 
  2. If an official does NOT show up for a game, both coaches may agree on someone else to officiate. 
  3. Dealing with inclement weather both teams need to talk and decide by 11:00 am. The Officiating Company, as well as the school in charge, should be notified as soon as possible. 


All protest forms can be found on the league website and need to be submitted to Protest will be heard by the arbitration committee. The committee will consist of the other schools in that division. All protests must follow the procedures listed below.

  1. Inform your AD of the concerns regarding the contests
  2. The ADs involved need to communicate the outcome of the conversation to the commissioners. 
  3.  File protest via the form on the website in a timely fashion. Protest submitted after a week of the occurrence will not be considered. 


  1. The game is a forfeit.
  2. A coach ejected is on suspension for the following game. 
  3. The 2nd ejection for a school within a three‐sport season will be on probation pending review by the league commissioners. 
  4. Three (3) complaints against a school/coach within a three‐sport season submitted to the league will be reviewed by the arbitration committee. A school on probation may play within the league but are not eligible for league titles or playoffs.  Probation will consist of one sport season.         


After a school has served its season of probation, the Athletic Director and administrator must have a meeting with the League Commissioners for reinstatement to the League. 

Potential outcomes:

  1. Reinstatement
  2. Continuing probation for an additional season 
  3. Expulsion from the San Fernando Valley Private School League